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It’s funny now, looking back over the last few months. I remember my frustration with one of my sons vividly on the SECOND DAY of summer (extra credit for those of you who know WHICH one it was). You see, he was the one counting the days until summer BEFORE school let out for the break and he was ALREADY the one saying he was bored on DAY TWO. As any organized mother with a background in a structured classroom would do, I printed out calendars. My plan was to record our plans on those calendars and hang them up for all to see so that they wouldn’t ask me a gazillion questions about what we were doing, when we were going, who were we going to see, when do I work? As I started this POST-summer update, I found them EMPTY in the bottom of a pile of mail…

The summer TOOK OFF from there and left me lying spent on a hospital bed at Sharp Urgent Care on IV antibiotics. Of course it wasn’t THAT quick and easy, there were many events in between there. Here are the highlights that WOULD HAVE been noted on those calendars I mentioned:

  • JUNE: I spoke at a Women’s Retreat in Idyllwild, CA. The theme was “Coram Deo,” which means loosely “living or abiding in the presence of God; as in ALWAYS being aware of Him and His Presence.”
  • I spoke at Mexico Caravan Ministries in El Florido, Mexico nearly every week all summer long. This is truly one of the highlights of my work and ministry. There’s NOTHING quite like watching God redeem and USE our story to save and mobilize people for His Kingdom.
  • On June 14th, Jedidiah graduated from high school!
  • Toward the END of the month, all THREE Gennaro boys went on the youth trip to Mexico with our Youth Group. I joined the team mid-week and got to glean from all of the lessons learned in poverty.
  • Before joining them, I stole away for some R & R with some of my dearest friends in San Francisco, CA.
  • June also saw two of the young people I’m working with go to Africa to serve in our GO PROGRAM. It’s one of our “entry-level” training experiences to expose people to full-term work among the Unreached in Africa.
  • In July, I got to use some of my flight miles to visit another high school friend in Pennsylvania for her daughter’s 16th Time with old friends is always a huge encouragement to me.
  • Duane did a week-long FOOTBALL camp at the same time Joseph did a week-long BASKETBALL camp which had me juggling work and getting them to/from SEPARATE college campuses ACROSS TOWN. I was thankful to have Jed to help me with driving that week!
  • At the end of July, ALL of the Gennaro’s met at Hume Lake to celebrate and honor Chris’ parents for their 60th wedding anniversary. What a deep and memorable time we had together! It was a major feat to get ALL of the kids, adult-grandkids, and even Jaycie, the new GREAT granddaughter all up to the mountains at the same time. What a privilege and joy to have been grafted into that family NO MATTER WHAT.
  • With appointees in the middle of Partnership Development, there were fundraisers and events sprinkled in here and there and a trip to Peachtree City, GA to be with the whole Mobilizing team for our Mobilizer Forum. THIS is the strategy part… and YOU’RE a part of it! Keep reading…
  • I am now fully recovered from the serious Staph infection that started in a mysterious tiny wound on the arch of my right foot. I’ve had all of the follow-ups AND a root canal to address some long-term (unrelated) pain in my jaw. I’m thankful to be working at “full steam” and have officially “caught up” on the travel and appointments I had to miss during that time. Thank you to those of you who followed that journey and prayed for me!

With the kids “tucked into” a new school year, I am able to get most of my work done while they are away at school. Duane and Joseph are in 7th grade at Innovation Middle School, Silly is a JUNIOR at Madison High School, and Jed is a Freshman at Miramar College in their Auto Tech program and is working at a friend’s nearby juice bar part-time. Olivia is working at Boudin Sourdough Restaurant here in Clairemont and even got promoted to supervisor! We’re working on “creative housing” for her… the next Gennaro adventure!  Stay tuned on that…

Please know that when you pray and give, you are PART of my work and ministry! There are other ways to join with me as well. I need INFLUENCERS who will be my eyes and ears in the places I can’t go on a regular basis. Please be watching for specific information on needs we have on the field so that you can connect me with people who may be interested. Another part of my role with AIM is to develop and nurture partnerships with churches, training organizations, universities, and other groups who have the same vision and purpose for church planting among Unreached People Groups in Africa. What that means specifically is that I can bring the depth of resources AIM has available to come alongside the areas of YOUR life that are about these same things! Let me know if you’d like me to come and pay a personal visit!

Please pray:

  • For wisdom, courage, and steadfast HOPE in parenting my young adults and teens. Doing this solo isn’t for sissies – that’s for SURE.
  • Please pray John 17:15-17 for EACH of my kids; protection from the evil one in this crazy world and culture AND that they would be (sanctified) SET APART by the TRUTH.
  • The grief journey doesn’t end; it only CHANGES. There are still ripples of grief in our daily lives. In my darkest moments, I battle loneliness and being overwhelmed. It’s only God’s strength that allows me to thrive.  Please don’t cease praying for contentment in my heart of hearts as I am STILL learning to be single.

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